Beginner's Arabic Subscription

A complete comprehensive eLearning course of Modern Standard Arabic

The Full ArabicOnline subscription is a self-guided program with an extensive range or resources.

On completion of the full course you will have achieved Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework).

15 complete units

With a clearly structured syllabus, this Arabic course will carefully guide you through a learning process.

Over 200 hours of learning content.

Dialogues with useful language and voice recording facilities

At every step you will be encouraged to actively participate in your learning.

Language activities to consolidate your learning

Conversation Practice

Access to the innovative and new interactive role-play programme

This is the best interactive course online which combines the three important skills in language learning: Reading, listening, and writing. The variety of the content makes it invaluable for a wide range of learners from beginners to intermediate. As a teacher and Arabic coordinator at Cambridge University Language Centre, I have been using Hayya Bina in the classroom in particular the audio files and the vocabulary activities. The themes are relevant to the modern Arab world and to the students ‘needs.

Lydia Collins, Arabic Language Coordinator, University of Cambridge


All the following programs and resources in one subscription:

Hayya bina - Let's Go! (full 15 units!)

icon_152This is the core program in the package. With over 200 hours of study, this fully comprehensive eLearning course of Modern Standard Arabic contains

  • 15 complete units with full audio dialogues, voice recording facilities and accompanying activities
  • Extensive vocabulary practice
  • First steps to reading Arabic script and understanding the Arabic alphabet
  • A wide variety of language activities with role plays and voice recording
  • Language and grammar notes
  • Cultural notes including advice on what to do and what not to do
  • Visually attractive art and photography that illustrate Arabic culture
Arabic Conversation Practice

friendstalkingArabic conversation Practice

A new and innovative concept – simple but effective

Improve your conversational skills with these interactive role plays. The program has been designed to help you practise and improve conversational skills in typical everyday situations which you would expect to encounter in the Arab world, such as ordering food, asking for the bill, shopping and inviting a guest to dinner, etc.

It complements and consolidates what you learn in the core Arabic program.

  • 17 full modules, each with over sixteen steps of content
  • Model dialogues for a whole range of everyday situations
  • Clear audio with native speakers
  • Extensive vocabulary practice and engaging exercises
  • Activities and exercises to consolidate and master key words and phrases
  • Role play activities with voice recording to practise new words and phrases in different situations
  • Useful information and handy cultural tips related to the topic of each module
Word Trainer Arabic

icon_152Word Trainer Arabic will help you to improve your vocabulary and master some of the most common everyday words which you would typically expect to encounter in everyday situations in the Arab world. It counteracts traditional ‘rote learning’ by carefully guiding you through a comprehensive and thorough learning process to ensure that you learn and practise the sounds, pronunciation, meaning and spelling of each word correctly.


  • 26 full modules, each with over sixteen steps of content
  • 156 words from a whole range of everyday situations
  • Clear audio with native speakers
  • Engaging exercises and activities to practise and consolidate key words
  • Voice recording function to practise pronunciation
  • Uses Modern Standard Arabic, which is spoken and understood in all Arab countries
  • Study with Arabic script or with Western script (transliteration)
Worksheets to practise handwriting
Download a wide range of worksheets to practise writing key vocabulary from the ArabicOnline course.


Dialogues for relaxed listening practice

ArchwaysDownload all the dialogues from the Arabic course as extra mp3 files with relaxing background music and spoken English translations.

The audio files can be played on your mp3 player, so that you can listen to the Arabic dialogues whilst relaxing, cooking, walking or ‘on the go’. They are ideal for refreshing what you have learnt in the online course.

The dialogues are accompanied by relaxing background music, especially composed for this Arabic course by “Avicenna”, with the aim of relaxing the brain whilst listening to the dialogues. After each Arabic phrase, we have added the spoken English translation.

Glossary of important words and phrases

Download the  glossary of key words and phrases from the ArabicOnline course. You can use this list to practise and consolidate your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary.

The glossary is organised in such a way that key words and phrases from each unit of the Arabic course are collated with their English translations.

In addition, Arabic words are provided in their original Arabic script together with transliteration for extra reading practice.

Learning Guide with Learning Diary

Before you start the Arabic lessons, download and read this Important information.

The Learning Guide will help you to organise your learning experience and plan the necessary time.

The Leaning Guide gives a detailed breakdown for Unit 1. We recommend that you study unit 1 exactly as described in the Guide.

You can then follow the same process for each of the following units.

A Guide to Writing Arabic - A Download for Annual Subscribers

coversmallThis handy and comprehensive workbook is the perfect partner to the ArabicOnline course. It carefully guides you through each letter of the Arabic alphabet with plenty of opportunities for practice the letters – in isolation AND in words.

If you are learning Arabic writing for the first time, then this is for you! Ideal for beginners.

“A Guide to Writing Arabic” is available as an eBook as part of the subscription for instant download and self-printing.

Recognised learning levels and outcomes

ArabicOnline is unique in that it meets the requirements of the Common European Framework of Languages, the international benchmark for defining language proficiency levels and which is recognised in schools, universities and colleges.

On completion of the full course you will have achieved Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework).

Follow Frank and Sarah as they travel to the Middle East to visit their friends Sami and Nadia. Learn Arabic with them and discover more about this fascinating culture.

This attractive and intuitive eLearning course ‘de-mystifies’ Arabic and proves that learning the language is an attainable goal for everyone.

Winner of the 2013 European Language Label Award

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